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Blur, Highlight & Spotlight any area of your image easily.

Well, actually there's out more than that.
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Nothing to download and no skills required
It's easy as

1 Past, Select or Drag&Drop Your Image
2 Choose a Tool & Effect and Apply it to a Selected Region
3 Download or Save Edited Image

All that done locally, so you don't have to worry about the private parts ;) Selection Tools

Selection Tools

Use Selection Tools (Rectangle and Ellipse) to select regions from the active layer so you can work on them without affecting the unselected areas.

Sign Up Now Brush Tool

Brush Tool

The Brush is a freehand Tool to apply effects as if you paint to your image.

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Choose from a variety of effects (Blur, Highlight, Spotlight...) to apply to your image with Selection or Brush Tools.

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Use Left/Right/Up/Down and +/- Controllers to move and zoom in/out your stage for more control.

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More Premium Features


Add text to your images easily and pick color and font of your choice.


Draw colored arrows on your image.

Frame Shapes

Draw colored rectangles and circles on your image.

Pixelate Effect

Apply a mosaic effect to selected region of an image so it looks like it is made up of square tiles.

Negative Effect

Apply a negative effect to the hole image or a selected region.


Flip your image or part of it horizontaly or verticaly.


Crop and resize your image instantaly to exact same size you want.


Save your edited image for sharing and for later use.

Private Link

Generate a private link to share your edited image.

Who Is It For?

If you are a blogger, you are definitely publishing articles with images and sometimes you want to highlight some parts of an image to bring user's attention.
If you are a photographer and you just want to blur some faces in the background with style, quickly and easily, this tool is all what you want :)
Marketers and online influencers always have some images with stats they want to show to their audiences and they want to hide by the way some sensitive data.
Anyone who uses social medias and wants to, quickly, add blur, highlight or put a spotlight (or other effects) on some parts of an image that he wants to share.

See It In Action

Bluright Screenshot


$0 /month

Free forever

Basic Tools

Basic Effects

Basic Controllers

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$10 /month

Free while in beta. The price will take effect once the beta period is over.

Advanced Tools

Advanced Effects

Advanced Controllers

Private Link

No Limitations

No Ads

So, What are you waiting for?

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